Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cooking at Mlango Mmoja

Cooking here at our apartment at Mlango Mmoja is always interesting.  First off, I've never cooked on a gas stove.  Secondly, the light in the kitchen doesn't work.  Thirdly, the power goes out whenever, so sometimes you're cooking by candlelight.

I gotta give it up to Dane and Missy for their culinary expertise and creativity in the kitchen.  Earlier this week, Dane cooked a meal for 15 people here in the dark.  No word of a lie.  All the man had was a couple of candles and a flashlight to see what he was doing.  And the food tasted great.  Really great.

They make their own bread, own brownies, own sauces, the whole shibang from scratch.  To be fair, our kitchen has pretty much everything you need - minus a working fridge.  But in any case, they both do a great job cooking.

I'm not doing too bad myself (actually made bakes this morning that to my surprise tasted pretty good and everyone ate and said they liked).  I have to apologize and thank my Mother for me always critiquing her "poor people food" menu.  Those skills will go a very long way keeping me full on the cheap here in Tanzania.

Plus, I don't find the food much different here either.  Chipsi Mayai is in the running for my favourite dish.  I loves me my poutine back at home, and Chipsi Mayai is basically the same thing - Tanzanian style.  You've got the chips, substitute the cheese for an egg, and the gravy for vegetables, et volia.  A chips and vegetable omelette.  All you need now is to throw some hot sauce on it and for less than a dollar Canadian, you've got lunch.

I think Chefette would do quite well if they set up shop in Tanzania.  Anyone want a beef and potato roti for 8,000 TSH?


  1. Or we can start a chipsi mayai spot on Richmond. Open late, for the drunken fools!

  2. hey! To get the light working in the kitchen, I used to stand on the counter (directly across from the stove) and hit the ceiling...that got it on sometimes. Or else slam something really heavy on the counter below the light. If that doesn't work, the light bulb might need to be changed, Hassan helped us replace almost every light in the apartment (have you met him yet?) Chris, I'm LOVING your blog.


  4. Thanks for the tips, Stephanie. We're pretty much down to about 4 or 5 lights in the entire apartment, but considering the power is out almost everyday for about 5-6 hours, lights don't make much of a difference, lol. And nope, haven't met Hassan yet.