Tuesday, January 10, 2017

ABCD: Obama

I need to officially big up Obama. In the years I've been doing this blog I don't think I've written a post on him.

And you know what?

I've had my fair share of haterade to throw at him,  I will admit that.

But I will also admit that he was/is a fantastic leader. And history will show that he was one of the best.

Hats off to Obama. And waiting to see Michelle be the first female US President soon enough.

Friday, January 6, 2017

ABCD: Is it OK to call someone by their race?

It depends on the context.

If you were just describing someone, for instance you are trying to meet someone for the first time in a crowded place, yup that's cool. However, be sure that it is a descriptor and not a classifier.

Just like how you would point out someone that wears glasses or has red hair.

"I'm looking for this person, he is wearing a brown jacket, a blue hat, about six feet tall, and is South Asian."

The big difference is if the person's race is the only thing that you describe and usually in a negative way.

"Some stupid Brown woman cut in front of me in line at the grocery store."

All about the context, delivery, and purpose.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

ABCD: Do all Black people hate Donald Trump?

Probably. Most likely. At least have quite a bit of disdain towards him. Bare minimum wouldn't agree publicly that they like him.

With the exception of Omarosa.

(I wonder if she was born in the United States with a name like that. Time for Birthers to get on a new project).

Moral of the story: if you are Black and you bow down to massa, he may throw you a bone.

Or shoot you.

Things haven't changed much since slavery, eh?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

ABCD: Can all Black people dance?

Contrary to popular belief there are probably some Black people out there that can't dance.

Kind of like unicorns or Tupac: we know they might exist, but can't really prove it.

All jokes aside, I think it is safe to say that most Blacks can keep the beat. Can they win Dancing With The Stars 10 times out of 10? Nope, but a two step is like a duck taking to water.

A black duck swimming in purple kool-aid.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ask a Black Canadian Dude: Are all people with dreadlocks musicians?

So you see a Black person walking down the street with dreads and your first thought is:  "man, that's gotta be a Marley. I wonder if he can drop a verse from 'no woman, no cry' ."

Newsflash, my White friends, all dreads (Black people with dreadlocks) are not musicians.

Yes, some are, just like some White people belong to the KKK.

So before you assume you're standing next to that next reggae star on the subway, that's probably your banker. Or doctor. Or plumber. Or any damn thing other than a musician.

Monday, December 26, 2016

ABCD: Do Black people really like chicken?

Well my White friends, this is one stereotype that is pretty damn true.

Black people love chicken.

Shit, I love chicken so much I don't even bother for it to grow from an embryo before I eat it.  Raw too. #EGGS

Fried. Baked. Boiled. Jerked. BBQed. Curried.

Shoot, Black people love chicken so much they invented a new way on how to cook it: broasted.  Yes, broasted.

Some Bajans even chew down the bones cause hey, the marrow is damn good too.

But before you get super racist, White people love chicken too. But they love cheese more.

ABCD: Can Blacks be racist against Whites?

I've heard this one bandied about quite a bit.  It doesn't have to be Blacks vs Whites, but any non-White group vs Whites.

Let me break it to you White folks,  and you are not going to like my answer: you can't be victims of racism.  Ever.

Why you ask?

A fundamental feature of racism is power.  Because of funny things like imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, and now Trumpism, White people have created a system of White supremacy that the institutions around us (ie every damn thing) were created to keep Whites at the top of the food chain.

So long story short, even if a Black person supposedly "gets" a job because he or she is Black and White folk are mad that they were denied an opportunity and scream "anti-White" racism, you need to understand that for every one "token" there are 100 others being denied opportunities that they are beyond qualified for.

It may not be you personally saying "no," but take a step back and see who runs the company you work for or the country you live in. What colour are they? What made them more qualified than a non-White person? Why is it "normal" to have White leaders?

Think about it.