Monday, January 17, 2011

Fear Factor

Today was me conquering three of my biggest fears: chickens, ducks, and turkeys.  Anyone who knows me knows of my fond dislike of the aforementioned birds.  Earlier this afternoon, we went to Luchelele to visit a woman's farm as a model for the TWG and the utilization of their own land.  I was quite impressed that one woman was able to manage at least 300 chickens; 3 adult turkeys; a handful of ducks; a dozen unidentified fowl that I've never seen in my life (probably baby turkeys); a bird that looked like a duck with a chicken face - a ducken; one starved out balding chicken; and about 40 or so rabbits.

I was cool until she wanted us to go inside the acre pen and proceeded to feed them so they would come near us.  That was my Fear Factor episode from hell.

But I manned up and went in the pen.  I think it would've been worse if the Canadian was too scared to go in, so I just did it.  All around my feet with their rubbery looking heads and arghness swept over me.  It's one thing to be laughed in english, it's another to be laughed at in kiswahili.  Especially when you don't understand what's being said, lol.

I still hate those disgusting looking animals, and will only like them dead and on my plate, but hey, a little growth for Mr. All But Dissertation in Tanzania.

Photos to come.


  1. good to see you are KINDA getting over your fear after all of these years!

  2. ... and nightmares to come for the rest of your life!

  3. lol...a ducken. I gotta see these pics!