Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Message For White Voters

I'm sorry I didn't find this video earlier.  Just the other day I was saying the same thing about Obama's dog.

All jokes aside, race and US politics is no laughing matter.  Obama took 93% of the Black vote, 71% of Hispanics and 73% of Asians (I didn't even know Psy, Shahrukh Kahn, and Kim Jong-un could vote in US elections).  While Romney took 59% of the White vote, which accounts for 72% of all US voters.

I'm no rocket scientist, but maybe, just maaaaaayybbeee the Republican Party should go back to their mid 19th century roots where it abolished slavery, supported Reconstruction, and pretty well was the "Black man's" party up until the Depression.

It's pretty well the same way people don't realize that it was the Conservative Party that de-racialized Canadian immigration in 1962, while the Liberals rode their coattails in 1967 with the Points System.

The ideologies of political parties and allegiance change, folks.  Just ask Ontario teachers, McGuinty, and the Liberal Party.


  1. You want Obama to have a rottweiler guarding the White House?

  2. I'd actual prefer for him to have a cougar patrolling, but a rott or a pit or a bully or any dog that can't be Shirley Temple's doppelganger in a Fido commercial works for me too.