Saturday, June 1, 2013

(Funny) Sh*T Fathers Say

I heard this with my own two ears this morning at the Bread & Honey Festival parade in Streetsville, Ontario.

Let me set the scene.  A good spot to watch the parade is at a church and cemetery along the route.  I heard this while a family was navigating the crowd on the sidewalk on their way to the cemetery.

Kid: "What's a cemetery?"

Mom: "It's where people are buried."

Dad knowing that Mom's answer is going to confuse the boy even more:

Dad: "It's where zombies come from."

That child will never, ever, ever, ever, walk past a cemetery for the rest of his life.  Ever.

I wonder how he'll teach his kid where babies come from?

Kid: "Where do babies come from?"

Mom: "Storks in the sky deliver them to loving mommies and daddies all over the world."

Dad: "Dad's happy place."

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