Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dr. Christopher Stuart Taylor (link to full-text dissertation included)

Yes, I agree, that "D-R" in front of my name looks quite odd.  Very odd.  But it's true.

On Wednesday (August 28th, 2013 at 3:15pm) I successfully defended my dissertation and completed all the requirements of my PhD.  Which means I am now a doctor that can't save your life on an airplane.  I could give you the ins and outs of racism in the flight industry, but don't ask me to give you a tracheotomy with a bic pen while delivering a breached baby.  It won't happen.

I've been poor to update my progress on my PhD as promised; however, here's the link to the final published copy of "Flying Fish in the Great White North: The 'Culture' of Black Barbadian Migration to 1967" for everyone to read and share.

Someone asked me in my PhD defense lecture how I can make "change" to a discriminatory/racist society, and I said "who knows."  After some thought, the first step is me sharing my work publicly for everyone to see/hate/like/critique/burn/praise/etc. etc. etc.  That might not be the academic way, but when I'm driving at night and the police pull me over with hands on their guns, they're not asking to see my dissertation or my credentials as a Dr.

All they (still) see is a Black man.