Friday, January 28, 2011

Hydro Rant

Okay, so I understand the need to conserve power.  And I understand that the grid here in Mwanza probably isn't big enough to support the power demands for everyone 24/7.  I understand and I'm not disputing brown outs or even the informed scheduled power outages that we're currently experiencing.

My problem is, and I don't care wherever you are in the world, if you're paying full price for a service, you should get that service.  Or if that's not a possibility, your bill should reflect your actual usage and not what you were "supposed" to have gotten.  It's like ordering a large pizza, paying for it, but when you open the box, a third of it has already been eaten.

And to make matters worse, hydro prices here have gone up 18% plus the service charges.  So someone please explain to me where all the money is going?


  1. Maybe the same place the pizza has gone??? Just a thought.

  2. LOL @ Cara.
    Are your Tanzanian buddies as upset as you are, or is it just status quo in Mwanza?

  3. Maybe to pay for 24 the coverage of the empty muzungu mansions up on isamilo hill?

  4. Who knows where the money or pizza is going. Who knows. I think I need me a Mzungu house out in Isamilo.

    Status quo, probably. I'm getting used to it, but doesn't mean I like it.