Saturday, April 6, 2013

Does Marketing Work? Trinidad James Selling Victoria's Secret Panties

I just put up a post about me liking Trinidad James' new song "Female$ Welcomed."  What I really liked about the song was the second half of it.

So to my surprise, I'm sitting watching Ridiculousness (one of my favourite shows on TV, next to BET's all-star Tuesday night lineup) and I see this commercial:

I'm thinking: "WTF?! Unless Victoria's secret is that they make their underwear out of gold in a factory in Port-of-Spain, there's no way Trinidad James should be welcoming females to buy panties."

I put on my PhD cap and decided to do a little investigative work.

Upon YouTubing (yes it is now a verb), I came across that Trinidad James didn't just sample the song "Sweet Talk" by Kito feat. Reija Lee, the man just lifted half the song without giving them any credit.

And considering the song came out in 2011 and Trinidad James just dropped his "sample," Victoria's Secret ain't no fool:

Who better to sell bras and panties than a misogynist?  Here's the chorus to "Female$ Welcomed":

"Now my side bitch, my main bitch, cause my main ho, ain't feeling me no mo, no mo" (repeat 3 times as you wonder why they invented the thesaurus)

Now that definitely made a few women (and men) out there run out and buy a set of 200 dollar silk panties.

Maybe marketing does work.  Or not.


  1. Maybe it's a coincidence?.... or not!



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