Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mt. Kilimamoto and Maasai Village

Today we toured and went inside the crater of Mt. Kilimamoto (not Kilimanjaro, but I do plan on climbing it within the month) and then off to a Maasai village.  "Kilima" means 'mountain' and "Moto" means 'fire', so a literal translation would be "fire mountain" or "mountain of fire", which makes a whole lot of sense for a volcano.

Looking down into the crater

Inside the crater

My boots - the best 15,000TSH I've spent in Tanzania

In a Maasai village

The home compound of one husband and two wives (polygamy is accepted and the norm in Maasai culture)


  1. im liking the boots! worth every bargaining penny!

  2. LOL @Cara - when was the last time it took you an entire day to buy boots?

    They look like they'll get you up the mountain and back!

  3. Haha Chris was sooo determined to get those boots for 15,000! He wouldn't give in, and we were so proud when the seller gave up!
    It was definitely some intense bargaining!

  4. love the pics... keep em coming :)

  5. Damn boots. Will probably never wear them at home, but I'm bringing them back.

    Those boots pretty much sum up my time in Tanzania.