Saturday, April 16, 2011

Christopher Goes to the Salon

Well maybe I should spell it "saloon", because I would say 50% of the time I see it spelled that way in Tanzania.

When I first came here to Tanzania, I wrote about all the barbershops in Mwanza.  I never did give the details about the one I would go to in that city.

For 1000TSH (about 75cents), I would get a line up and a full facial.  I mean, massage, wash, lotion, the whole shibang.  And in a ligit barbershop with tv, chairs, a/c, and people talking garbage 24/7.  I even had my own barber who knew exactly what I wanted without me even saying a word.  All for a whopping 75 cents.

Now in Arusha, for the same 1000TSH, I only get a line up and I have to sit in an office chair circa 1981 with no air conditioning.  I'll admit I feel a bit cheated considering I would get so much more for my money in Mwanza, but considering at home it costs at least $5 (without tip) for a lineup and a dude spraying old alcohol on your face, I really can't complain.

So today I decided to splurge and go to the salon up the dirt road from Sakina Camp and get my hair done.

My hope was to get it locked, but they didn't have a latch hook, so I just got it twisted.  First, I got a nice wash and scalp massage.  Then I got to sit under the dryer and read "Adam" a men's magazine out of Kenya.  And finally, while getting my hair done by two ladies, I was served tea.

And the price for all that?

It was 11,000TSH (about 7 or 8 Canadian dollars).

Considering the prices for people to get their hair done at home, in the long run it might be cheaper to book a ticket and fly to Tanzania for your next weekend hair do.


  1. lol... office chair.

    Thanks for the info, I think imma start charging you 8 dollars, plus HST to do your hair!