Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Months In

Man, just the other day I was writing my "One Month In" blog post.  Time flies, my friends.

So what has changed in the past three months since I've been in Tanzania?

Have I adopted a White Mzungu baby?  Nope.
Have I started my own NGO with the hope of saving Africa?  Nope.
Have I started my own dalladalla company?  Nope.
Did I buy a goat?  Nope.
Did I start my own crocodile farm?  Nope.
Is Steve Irwin my hero?  Nope.
Is "Cliffhanger" my new favourite movie?  Nope.
Will I shun shoes when I'm back in Canada?  Nope.
Will I donate to Worldvision?  Nope.
Will I star in a Worldvision commercial with fly children?  Nope.
Do I hate White people?  Nope, but see below.
***I know a lot of people are probably wondering what my thoughts are now on Mzungus - Wazungu is the proper plural term - here in Tanzania and at home.  I'll save that post for another day.
Do I believe in White Guilt?  Yes.  Without a doubt.
***I've seen how White Guilt can destroy a country.  I call it "White Guilt For Profit".  See my post on NGOs from January.***
Have I united Black people across the world with my belief in Moja Watu?  Nope.
Have I written a definitive monograph on global Black History?  Nope.
Have I spread my belief in Christopherism?  Nope.
Have I converted to Rastafarianism?  Nope.  (But it's tempting)
Do I believe myself to be a Tanzanian?  Nope.
Do I believe myself to be an African?  Nope.
***To avoid hassles here and to have some fun, I just tell people I'm Ugandan.  I was told that I speak english like a Ugandan, so I just run with it.  It's a lot easier than having to explain Black history in Canada or that Barbados is an island near Jamaica or where Rihanna comes from.***
Have I eaten pork?  Nope.
Do I still like Mountain Dew?  Nope.
Do I cook any of my meals?  Nope.
Has my identity changed?  Nope.
Have I lost a whole lot of weight?  Yup.
Am I black like I've been tarring the 401 from London to Mississauga?  Getting there.
Have I as a Black Canadian, with Bajan roots, become a Pan-Africanist?  Maybe.
Has life in Tanzania become my new "normal"?  Yes.

I guess not much has changed about me.  I'm just a whole lot less miserable (and that's saying a lot).


I know I haven't written much about the Yogurt Project and WHE (at all since coming to Arusha - my blog is not a good forum to discuss my issues), but I would like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to Shannon for all the hard work she puts in every single day (and I mean every single day) to WHE and the project.  With pretty much little to no support, she's managed to navigate the Top-Down bureaucratic blindness of self-indulgent NGOs.  Or as I like to call them, WGFPOs (White Guilt For Profit Organizations).


  1. good to know that when you come back you will be the same ol christopher... minus the miserableness... lol

  2. You had to go to Africa to lose your miserableness?