Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random Photos

Just some random shots and photos of people I've met and spent time with while I was in Tanzania.  Thanks for the memories.

My Kilimanjaro climbing brother, Felix

Gotta give thanks to Dane and Missy for their hospitality and getting me and Shannon settled in Mwanza and Tanzania.  Asante sana.

Me trying to look smart

Robert and I relaxing and talking where we did many evenings at Sakina Camp in Arusha.

Arusha dalladalla.  Enough said.

Robert and I

Me, Tom - my London (UK) music connection, and Shannon at New Sahara Cafe

The Sakina Camp Crew - Me, Shannon, Regina, and Robert

Trip of a lifetime, Shannon!

Kinanga, me, Moodie, and Kibabu

Robert's beefstew (yum) and ugali

View of Mt. Meru University, Arusha