Monday, May 2, 2011

Zanzibar - Stone Town - Part 2

Our GAP guide, Salum, explaining the differences in door architecture in Stone Town and the reason for those spikes (they are taking from Indian designs for the defense against elephants)

The narrow streets and tall buildings were built to create shade in Stone Town.  It's Dar es Salaam kind of hot in Zanzibar.

Curved door frames are Indian design, while square is Arab.

Stone Town is a UNESCO Heritage Site meaning that all buildings must be preserved in their original state.

Not the kind of bath you take at home

I've got a good sense of direction, but Stone Town is a whole nother ball game


  1. is that a cat in that last picture? it looks HUGE!

  2. There were cats everywhere, Cara.
    They hung around restaurants begging for scraps, and they especially liked Chris. Gross.

  3. I heard someone call them "Mzungu Cats". Kinda sounds like they should have their own cartoon, lol.