Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If I Wasn't Doing my PhD

Outside of having the time to work on my blog and troll youtube looking for honey badgers, doing a PhD isn't all that glamorous.  So in light of that tidbit, here are some occupations that I'd be doing if I wasn't a PhD student:

Bus driver:


Maybe not a school bus, but I like driving.  I could see myself driving across the Serengeti on a 16 hour haul with only pee break.

Hurling Player:

The coolest sport I've never heard of until recently.  I've got Irish blood swimming around in me somewhere, so why not get back to my roots?

Garbage Man:

I get plenty of fresh air, work decent hours and get to ride outside of a truck.  That's the life.

Obeah Man:

I don't know if I'd have such a cool looking get up, but where else could I cast spells like I should be in a Disney movie?

Honey Badger:

Ya, I know it's an animal.  But you can't tell me that's not one of the coolest animals you've never heard of.  Some kids wanted to grow up being half spider or half bat, so don't squash my dream of being full badger.  DC Comics take note of your next superhero: HBMan.

Repo Man:

They legally steal cars.  Enough said.


  1. I can definitely see you doing any of those professions!

  2. You certainly had a lot of things in mind that you would do if ever you didn’t come to grad school and get your degree. People do think of what would happen when they didn’t come to grad school. Well, it would be a thesis help to be interested to academe if ever you would enroll in a program.