Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christopher in the News

I'm no Maya Angelou or Kevin O'Leary, but I can say that I'm featured in the same newspaper volume as the two of them.  Photo and all, folks!

Check this out (scroll to page 13):


  1. This is great! Congrats! Another one to share. :)

  2. Brother Chris,

    I hope that this finds you well. You may remember that we met years ago in Windsor at a Black Law Students' Assoc. of Canada conference.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that you're doing most laudable and invaluable work. It is essential that young Black scholars seek to uncover, publicize, and interrogate the historical roots of the Black presence in Canada and explore how this relates to contemporary manifestations and understandings of Canada as an officially multicultural state. Your work is and will be essential for search and solidification of Black Canadian identities

    Great work, bro!


    I'd like to talk to you more on the subject of historicizing the presence of Blacks in Canada. Please contact me.

  3. How you doing, Anthony?

    Send me an email to and we can speak further.