Sunday, October 16, 2011

What White People Should Know About Black People

We are people just like you.

We are fat.  We are skinny.  We like hot dogs.  We watch CNN.  We listen to country music.  We play hockey.  We drink beer.  We love our children.  We are smart.  We are stupid.  We are conscious.  We are ignorant.  We go to school.  We have jobs.  We are homeless.  We are unemployed.  We drive Audis.  We ride bikes.  We own dogs.  We bowl.  We have Blackberrys.  We smoke.  We suffer from mental illness.  We have cancer.  We like Obama.  We hate Obama.  We are conservatives.  We are liberals.  We love Black people.  We are Christians.  We are Muslims.  We are Atheists.  We kill White people.  We kill Black people.  We save people.  We drop bombs.  We save homes.  We win.  We lose.

So let's get back to basics and throw away all these theories about learning cultural difference to end racism.  All we need to do is see people as people.

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