Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm A Belieber

Now sing it to this tune:

I know I've come down real hard on Justin Bieber and his religion - Belieberism - on my blog.  I still think he's a packaged product plucked out of a town only known for their Shakespeare Festival.  A far cry from him living up the swagger lifestyle in the US.

But after hearing about his whole paternity scandal and watching him on the American Music Awards last night, I need to give credit where credit is due.  And I need to pat this boy wonder on his back.

Nope, not for his record sales, or his perfume, or his androgynous get up, or his First Choice haircut, but because this kid has hit a level that he can do no wrong.  Direct comparison?  Chris Brown.

Yes, I've compared him to the infamous made famous, bleach blonde, Michael Jackson wannabe, woman beater, and rising tattooed pop star, Chris Brown.

Think about it, how many regular people can be embroiled in a paternity suit with some random woman accusing you of fathering your mini-me, and you can still take your girlfriend to an awards show in front of millions of people?

Not only is Bieber accused, the man has no problem taking a paternity test to prove his innocence.  Check it ladies: if your man is accused of fathering another woman's baby and he willingly goes in to have a paternity test to prove his innocence, that's his baby.  Even if it's not his baby, he slept with her.  Multiple times.  Insert Maury Povich here.

So every time I think of Mr. Bieber now, I don't think of that young scraggly man-child unable to grow facial hair.  No.  I think of a proud Chris Brown wannabe just waiting for his chance to end up on Maury.  Or marry a Kardashian.  I belieb in him.

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