Friday, November 18, 2011

Reggae Music Does Not Equal Marijuana or Bob Marley

I post music on here from time to time and listening to a new riddim (rhythm or instrumental beat) today had me thinking about how a lot of people perceive reggae music.

Listen to this first:

For those indie bands out there in garages all over North America, you don't need to get high or turn your goldie locks into dreadlocks.  You don't need to sing about oppression or The Man or gun violence or money (well you can sing about cake soap and bleaching your skin, but you might want to do a little research on that one first a la Vybz Kartel and mental slavery).

Sing about your girlfriend or wife.  Your mother or father.  Make songs about how good you feel about being alive to a nice melody.  Sing about the summer, winter, or the fact that you just got a new pair of shoes.  Make a new Christmas song and dedicate it to that special someone in your life.  Write a tune about your neighbourhood or the kraft dinner you had the night before.  Sing about God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, or whomever you pray to at night.

Basically I'm saying enjoy the music and don't fit a stereotype of what you think it should be and sound like.

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