Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Can't believe Boston just let a sand nigger beat them" #gobacktothejungle

Usually anything that is written by someone under the handle "@mastabates23" wouldn't catch my attention, but there is an entire thread of people calling Joel Ward, who scored the game winning goal last night in OT for the Washington Capitals to beat the Boston Bruins, a nigger for beating their team.

Joel Ward, a Barbadian-Canadian out of North York, took the Wayne Simmonds high route and played off the racist taunts.  Lo and behold, both Ward and Simmonds are both Black Canadians out of the GTA, and both played a significant role in both their teams making it to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Before I go any further, here are a couple links to the whole story and what people were saying.  ***Warning: the language is foul and even got under my skin.***

I'm not going to go on here and talk about how backwards US society is, or Boston's racism, or the anonymity of twitter and social media, or the Obama right-wing backlash.  It's like me writing a post on the fact that the sky is blue.  Duh.

What I do want to say to all my fellow Canadians, specifically Black Canadians, who think hockey is a "White Man's" sport, name one Black Torontonian, or Black Canadian, that's playing on a NBA playoff team right now.  Exactly.

Put down that basketball and lace up them skates Jamal - it's time for igloo niggers to take over the NHL.

Furthermore, Joel Ward is the perfect example of Canadian multiculturalism at its finest.  A Black kid of West Indian parentage, growing up in the GTA, is front and centre in the Whitest of all White sports.  Don Cherry eat your heart out.

If I were Drake or Rihanna, I'd never perform in Boston again.

Racism is like herpes; can hide it with some makeup, but can never get rid of it.

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  1. where there is STRIFE and VIOLENCE there you find the Mulslim.