Monday, April 2, 2012

Imagine if the UFC Replaced the UN?

That might sound ridiculous, but think about how much money and lives would be saved if we just had Gaddafi in the ring with Obama with winner take all?  Or Churchill vs Hitler?  Or Bush vs Osama?

K, that might be an oversimplification (and a recipe for world chaos), but what if our provincial and/or federal elections pitted its leaders against each other in a sanctioned fight?  Taking that even one step further, not only would it test someone's physical strength, but the two leaders would have to go head to head in a series of tests of who can lead a country the best.  Questions would range from domestic politics, to healthcare, to taxes, to immigration, to national defense, to foreign policy, and so on and so forth.  It wouldn't be a one shot sit down high school multiple choice exam, but done over the course of time that politicians usually waste taxpayer money when riding on titty buses on the campaign trail (who knew the Republican Primaries were still going on?  And whatever happened to that show "Ned's Newt?").  Think about it: the 2011 Canadian federal election cost $291 million.  And that was only to elect someone that's gonna keep on spending your money.

I'd prefer a gladiator style death match.  How cool would it be to see Harper and Rae fight to the death?  I mean, if someone is going to put their life on the line for me and my country, they deserve to be my leader.  King Leonadis anyone?  Shoot, I'd be happy with Queen Gorgo.

And when this idea does come to fruition, I think Trudeau II will take the win and lead this country.

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