Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tights are for Working Out, Not Work

This post is directed to all those ladies out there that consider spandex pants and its derivatives (yoga pants, jeggins, panty hose, coloured long johns, etc.) acceptable forms of attire for anything but gym clothes, pyjamas, UFC warmup gear, painting pants, and anything in that category.

Why?  Two reasons:

It's a health issue.  You realize when you sit on the bus, or any public seating area, there is only a thin layer (even thinner if you're wearing a thong - cause clearly panty lines and tights are like oil and water - or no underwear at all) between your private parts and those of that naked homeless dude that was sitting in that seat before you?  Think about Dave Chappelle's real life experience on the bus next time your booty goes lululemon first:

The second reason:

It's a slippery slope.  It's just like how skinny shorts - ahem - capri pants are turning men into a bunch of Leroys.  Next thing you know, men will decide that lululemon yoga pants are pretty comfortable and they don't need to worry about wearing gloves to avoid zipper cuts when they're playing tap tap the ballsack

Then, the slope gets even slipperier.

Ladies, do us men a favour and put on some pants.  One morning you'll wake up and realize your man has worn your favourite high heel pumps to work to go with his matching skirt and lip gloss.


  1. Maybe I’m a little different,ha ha.I love skirts.I don’t have guy clothing.I’m a straight guy,(not that has ANYTHING to do with this discussion) threw them out years ago.I wear (women’s)clothes only, 24/7, but for me,its NOT a sexual thing,i never get “aroused” in female known clothing.But i wear them because it feels
    like i SHOULD be wearing girl clothes.I don’t wear the real flowery femmy tops.But it is a nice look of how i do it.Many females like and tell I’m never embarrassed or uneasy or whatever word you choose when I’m out and about doing things in public.I’m just me.I like open back tops,or sheer laceback tops and so on.Do
    i wear a bra ? Yes.All the time.I don’t hide the fact that i am wearing a bra.If my bra strap shows,oh well,so,big deal.I conduct myself as if I’m wearing guy clothes.Guy clothes are BORING, lame, lacking color and style…..and yes i wear MY (girl) clothes to work.And the women i work around like it,but i know that some people don’t like it,there’s always an exception to the rule,but generally speaking women do.
    Recently,while in another state,I went to ROSS (clothing store) just looking.I did find some things i wanted to try on what i had,so i went to the fitting rooms,I tried them on,before i came out,the lady that was working the fitting room dept that let me in said ” i wanna see how you look” i said OK,be out soon…she saw what i was wearing she said, “oooh that’s cute,you look good in that ! ” ,hang on,i”ll get the other colour”.So the 2 women went looking for tops,skirts,and dresses for me as i was in the dressing room trying them on.I even asked the women that were fitting room attendants,”Is this creeeping you to ladies out that i am trying on these ? “They both said “heck no,we think its great !” The age of the one lady was about in her late 50′s early 60′s,the other girl was about 26 or so,and the both said the same thing.So i goes to show ya how women of different ages like a guy in women’s clothing,IF it is done with taste.I will never go back to male clothing.I don’t try to walk like a girl,or do the mannerisms that females have,im just a guy that loves female styling.Don’t want a sex change,and etc that we have heard before.This is also a freedom of choice as females do.Think back the the women’s movement to the 70′s.Equally right and so on.I say “HELL YA”,then if women can wear males clothing then guys should be
    able to wear women’s….EQUALITY…… RIIIIIIGHT ??

  2. Good on you - yes, men and women shold be able to wear what they want.