Sunday, September 16, 2012

Professional Sports: All Unions Aren't Created Equally

Once again, the NHL won't start on time - or might not start at all for the 2012-2013 season.  Why?  Because of a labour dispute (what I like to call McGuintyism - unions clashing with bosses).

My beef isn't with the issue of sharing revenues with players or owners, cause really, I think millionaires squabbling with billionaires is akin to Wesley Snipes arguing with Seal about who's blacker (and uglier).

My problem is how the public (in Ontario at least) is reacting to the NHL lockout in light of how they're throwing poison at teachers and other unionized workers here in Ontario.

Let's do some quick math here:

You know how McGuinty and Judas Broten were crying foul at the $473 million that they wanted to save in teacher salaries and benefits come September 1st?  The Leafs - who don't directly contribute anything to the well-being of future generations of Ontario children - was worth over $500 million in 2011-2012.  And that's not to mention the billion plus dollars Rogers and Bell dropped to buy MLSE earlier this year.

Ya, ya, I know the Leafs aren't spending "public" money, but they are spending taxpayer money. 

Who buys the tickets to go to games?  Taxpayers. 

Who buys the team merchandise?  Taxpayers.

Who pays those ridiculous cellphone/cable/internet bills (a lot of people that don't even give a shit about hockey or sports) that gave Rogers and Bell the money to buy MLSE?  Taxpayers.

So how does it make any sense that we have sympathy for NHL players - many who didn't even graduate high school - that are crying foul that their million dollar contracts can't fill up their gas tanks? 

Why isn't McGuinty forcing the Leafs and the Senators back on the ice to play a best of 82 game series so that "fans" won't lose out on what they deserve, just because millionaires and billionaires can't get along?

Next time Joe Canuck throws a tantrum at unions, ask him if he prefers to watch the CFL or the NHL.


  1. Love the name Judas Broten. Most excellent. I say you publish your blog and have your Ph.D be your pleasure writing. This is great stuff man.

  2. Thanks Mr. Suliman, much appreciated.

    You know what? Flipping the script on my Ph.D vs blog ain't a bad idea.