Sunday, September 9, 2012

YouTube Comments Killed the Civil Rights Movement (and common sense)

When's the last time you scrolled through the YouTube comments of pretty well anything that has to do with anything and you came across something like this:

"Hillary Clinton is a satanic illuminati witch child abuser, and lesbian" - Posted by weavingspider4 on "Michelle Obama's full DNC speech"

"Haha,I just watched the latest Rihanna sex video.  This particular cunt is so horny as well as filthy that she has to masturbate in front of her cam for her brand new boyfriend.  Lucky for us that someone took the videos from her computer" - Posted by Moris1435me on "Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World)"

"Fucking white bitches? I see you Rocky." - Posted by ThatGuy9926 on "Lana Del Rey - National Anthem"

"If black people is dump then white people is dumper : white people is like cancer or a plague.... in old times you was "normal" killed each other &shit but then(idk why) you just went to other kontinents then just killed everyone, and created slavery(what explane why every black country is fucked)+white people did every shit on/to this planet: every big war, most of the factorys, bombs.... you just want to destroy your home planet, the dumpest race in this history is the white.... i'm hungarian." - Posted by eestipixie on "Lana Del Rey - National Anthem"

"Why did she married a black guy?" - Posted by 3booshi on "Lana Del Rey - National Anthem"

...and beaderdearthworm responded...

"Possibly because that black guy knows how to use the proper tense of a word for a whole sentence, unlike yourself."

That took me about 35.9 seconds of research.  Somewhere, someone is writing a PhD on this topic.  I'd read it.