Friday, October 19, 2012

"Go to School, You're a Little Black Boy": Lincoln Alexander, 1922-2012

No truer words have been said about being a Black boy, or girl, in Canada.  No truer words.  Education is the key.

If you haven't read his biography, I have a copy and am willing to lend it to whomever would like to read it (just pay for the postage).

  • Alexander and Tolerance: “I hate the way the word tolerant is used.  It is not the proper way of accepting other races – being tolerant.  That means putting up with someone, and that is not acceptable…Tolerance is not respect.” (p.217). 
  • Alexander and Racism: “Racism is, simply, a product of ignorance, but I am an optimist and have seen great strides taken toward eradicating that evil.” (p.217).

Check the story here.

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