Friday, November 9, 2012

True Toronto Stories: Bedroom Bully

From time to time people tell me some pretty funny stories of real life encounters they've had just being normal people seeing abnormal things.  This story, told in her own words, is too funny to be true.


So I'm sitting on the subway at Dundas stop, minding my own business. Having stayed up super late the night before watching the election, I was exhausted and ready to get home. As the doors were closing and we were ready to depart for the next stop, a man  (let's call him….idiot) sprints down the platform, with two other men chasing him and yelling at him. Obviously I'm like 'WTF is going on?' And what was perplexing is that I was sitting in the very first car…so the only place idiot had to run was onto the tracks. Well thats exactly what this idiot decides to do! The first guy who was chasing him starts yelling 'NO! STOP! DON'T GO THERE!' So then I was like 'Uh oh! What if this guy is trying to commit suicide!' It was starting to get scary. But no, thats not what he was doing. Idiot was running away cause he stole something. Well…tried to steal something. You see the two guys were able to retrieve the merchandise before he got away with it, but no such luck catching the idiot. He just jumped onto the tracks and started running. Who knows where to, probably the next subway stop. The subway got shut down. They turned off all the power, and the police showed up. But from what I gathered, the guy got away. After 15-20 minutes or so, the subway was up and running again.

But here's the best part! What was idiot trying to steal? A duvet and some bed sheets! Yup. A high speed chase, TTC in disarray, me missing my train and bus home…..all for a duvet and some bed sheets.

So moral of the story. Hide your duvet, hide your bed sheets, heck hide your pillows. Cause looks like some idiot is out there looking for the whole bedroom set.

The End.
A TTC maintenance worker found the "idiot"'s iPod, turned it on and found out he was listening to this:

Shabba Ranks is now wanted for questioning as a possible accomplice in the robbery.


  1. This Bedroom Bully song is amazing haha

  2. K the iPod part fooled me. They say we're coming out of the recession, but it must be hard times, if we have people stealing sheets. Clearly he already got away with stealing a mattress. THAT would have been a funny chase to see.