Monday, January 21, 2013

My Strong Dislike For Michelle Obama's "Bangs"

Okay.  Cool.  Got it.  Mr. Obama is top-dog in the US for the next few years.  Great.  CNN decides to even shut off the world (and their headline ticker) since everything has stopped while Obama puts his hand on a bible.  Great.

But the biggest news?  Mrs. Obama's dumb ass bangs. 

I'm going to call a spade a spade here and say that her hair looks like Mr. Obama cut the family's personal hairstyling budget in order to prevent the fiscal cliff.

I'm also going to call a spade a spade here and say that no 49 year old woman - Black or White - should be rocking bangs.  Shit, would you want your financial planner managing your life savings while you wondered if she was hiding the fact that she had no eyebrows?

And pause.

Since when were bangs a Black woman hairdo?  Like if Michelle really wanted to represent her "Blackness" and African-Americans, she should come out there with some dreads.  Or rock an Angela Davis afro.  Or a clean cropped one level shave.

Halle Berry is Black.  Is famous.  A mother and pushing 50.  Check her hair style:

I'm just saying.  If I'm comparing apples to apples to what looks (more) appropriate for a 40+ year old Black woman, Halle wins 10 times out of 10.

Now Mrs. Obama is gonna make young Black girls think that long straight hair and bangs is what they should be sewing and gluing onto their foreheads.

Why is everyone drinking the damn kool-aid?  How many Black girls and women around the world struggle with the negative perceptions of their (natural) hair?  And what do you think the White House (and the media) is doing to further poison your brain like what those perms are doing to your scalp?  Let's face it, Michelle Obama didn't wake up one day and say: "I want bangs".  It was some White folks that pull the strings behind the scenes.

And why does Michelle's youngest daughter look more professional and better put together than her??


  1. Why are they Sarah Palin-ing her?

  2. I think maybe everyone should leave michelle's bangs alone and concentrate on her teeth.

  3. Some valid points you make my man. To be totally I honest I just personally hate front bangs so this was a great rant!

  4. Michelle 0bama's hair broke off due to continuous processing for straightening. So she had her head shaved and now wears a wig.