Sunday, December 25, 2016

New Blog Series: Ask a Black (Canadian) Dude

Have you ever wanted to ask that one slightly racist question,  but were afraid to be labeled an alt-right Trump loving xenophobic racist?

You ever wondered if all Black people can dance? Or if we can get  a sunburn?  Or if we all celebrate Kwanzaa?  Or if we really do like watermelon  or fried chicken?

Or maybe on the subway you looked at a person with dreads and really wanted to know how they got their hair that way. Or wondered how one day say your colleague at work has long hair and then short hair and then even longer hair the next day.

Well, my White friends (I assume you are White), you are in luck.

I was given this idea from a great intellectual brother in arms, Brother S, where folks can ask slightly kind of racist questions and I will do my best at answering them with all the qualifications I have as a Canadian Negro. I might throw in some perspectives of my Bajan background or if you are lucky, my PhD.

Can hit me up @DrCSTaylor on Twitter or email me at I will not post your name or pass judgment.

Unless you really are a racist and I will berate you with all of my pent up anger of a Black man.

Happy Kwanzaa

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