Monday, January 31, 2011

African Gym Clarification

This evening was day 2 of my African Gym workout programme.  Nothing much to report in the exercise department - did the same routine as last week.

But there is one thing that I need to clear up from my last post.

While some of the weights were car/motorcycle wheels, most were a variety of old machine gears and brake disks.  I'm not sure of the technical term for "machine gear", but think of the gear from your bicycle, but 10 times heavier.


  1. Sounds dangerous.
    Is there a lat pulldown machine with an engine as the counterweight?

  2. Hi Sara! It's Christopher. Your cousin who's living in Tanzania.

    Ya, I haven't seen any homemade lat pulldown machines, but there's another gym somewhere around here that I'm gonna be checking out.

  3. haha i wasnt sure if it would say sara or anonymous so i decided to clarify