Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dalla Dallas and ZRs

The best and most popular form of transportation in Mwanza outside of your two feet and a piki piki (motorcycle) is a Dalla Dalla.  It is exactly the same as a ZR in Barbados.  The same van, the same way they pack people in like sardines, the same paint jobs and music blasting, everything.  And you'd think that there's a school of madness driving that Bajans and Tanzanians go to get their licenses.  (Trinis, Jamaicans, other West Indians and Africans, please comment on similar ZR/Dalla Dalla type vehicles you've encountered.)

Oh, and in Mwanza city centre, there's only one stop light.  And to be honest with you, I feel safer making a mad dash across the street than waiting for the cross walk.


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  2. In trinidad its a Maxi Taxi. It is probably the most uncomfortable form of transport, but definately the most entertaining. With the amount of different charaters they cram into the little van, your guaranteed to come off with a story. That is if you survive the insanely reckless driving.