Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In the Market (Sokoni)

Today was my first day in the Market helping Mama Leah and Mama Cecilia sell yogurt.  This market was about a 15-20min Dalla Dalla ride (my favourite) and was behind Mwanza's Coca-Cola bottling plant.  It was pretty much an open field with a line of makeshift stalls.  The catch, which I found pretty ironic for a place to sell yogurt, was that the market was adjacent to where hundreds of men were selling hundreds of cows.

It seemed to work, because in about 4 hours, they sold out of about 20 litres of yogurt or maziwa (milk) as they were calling it.

And this was all after I was practicing for the Tanzania's strongest man by walking two 20kg buckets of water.  Three times.  Uphill.

These women work hard everyday.  Hands down.


  1. lol Tanzania's strongest man. lol

    Do you think you could do it every day?