Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moja Watu

Best lesson I've had so far about Black people and identity across borders, languages, and continents:  We are One People - Moja Watu.  Time to start putting our regional differences aside and start helping one another.  No one will, or can, do it for us.

Moja Watu.


  1. well said! the world over all needs to understand that!

  2. Almost two months after this post, I still stick by what I said. But I will say that even though we are one people, colour is skin deep.

    I'm Black, but I'm not Tanzanian, nor will I ever be Tanzanian or African.

    We should come together as one Black nation, but at the same time embrace our cultural, linguistic, historical, national and regional differences.

    Diversity through commonality breeds unity.