Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Love Affair With Mountain Dew

This post is not about corruption, race, class, identity, or camping.  There will be no photos of any kind attached to it.  You won't learn anything important, new or relevant.  Why?  Because I love Mountain Dew.

Yes, Mountain Dew.  That green pop that I'm not even sure they still sell in Canada. 

My first experience of Mwanza was sitting in the taxi on the way from the airport and watching kids on bikes hanging off the back of a pickup truck advertising Mountain Dew.  There's a big ad push for it here through Pepsi to compete with Coke.  To put Coke and pop's dominance in perspective, it's actually cheaper to buy pop in this country than it is to buy water.  It's about 40 cents Canadian to buy a 300-350ml bottle of pop.  Go figure.

Back to my love affair with MD.

Pepsi can probably use me as the perfect example of how advertising works.  Mountain Dew has become my new hot chocolate.  If I was a drug addict, Zagaluu Shop across the street would be my pusher.  It quenches my thirst, it settles my stomach, and it calms my nerves.  Who woulda thunk that a green fizzy liquid could do all that?

To be fair, I also drink Fanta (Fanta black - grape - is my favourite) and Mirinda (Pepsi's version of Coke's Fanta).  Mirinda black is in close running for second to the first true love I have found in Tanzania - Mountain Dew.

Hopefully someone reading this works for Pepsi or knows someone that works for them and can get me an endorsement deal.  And find me a good dentist here in Mwanza.


  1. I can see your face splashed on the billboards now. LOL

    Next thing you'll be uncovering a conspiracy between Pepsi/Coke and dentists in Tanzania.

  2. this sounds very similar to our encounter with fanta and tango when we were in england... except that was only for 2 weeks...

    guess you gotta wait until june to see a dentist... *ouch*

  3. That was exactly what I thought about our trip to England. It just taste so good.