Sunday, February 27, 2011

Religious Tolerance

It's Sunday morning here in Mwanza, and I think it's a good time to talk about how tolerant of different religions this city is.

On any given Sunday I can wake up to a Christian preacher on a loud speaker who sounds like he's performing an exorcism.  On any given day of the week, and throughout the day too, I can hear Muslim prayers on loudspeakers from mosques throughout the city.  Throw in a few more loudspeakers, soundsystems, and modified dalla dallas blasting dancehall, reggae, Rihanna, cellphone ads, political rhetoric, and even sales for rat poison, this city is more than tolerant of pretty much anything with noise.

On a serious note, it's nice to see, especially coming from a Western country right beside the US, how Christianity and Islam can co-exist in harmony.  Not only can they co-exist, but everyone is free to practice/believe in what they choose - however loud they choose to do it too - and no one takes issue or is offended or feels that their beliefs are "better" than their neighbours.

I think it's time that I set up my own religious temple and test the Mwanza waters.  I'll call it Christopherism.  Services begin at 1pm Thursday afternoons and all are welcome.  Mountain Dew and pork will be served following the service.


  1. ah, the return of Christopherism. The belief in Christopher. Good luck and nice choice of after service snacks.

    ... and until the US drops it's belief in "cultural assimilation" there will be no co-exisiting of anything.

    ... Canada thinks they are a melting pot, but I am sure there are a lot of people who beg to differ.

  2. Christopherism... your hymns will be soca anthems? LOL

    I agree with Cara - Canada strives to be politically correct and tolerant, but Canada was built on Christianity and it will take more years than we have in our lifetimes to build a country where all religions are on equal footing.

  3. Canada needs to take a page out of the Caribbean and see how multiculturalism really works.