Friday, February 25, 2011

Slow Week

Outside of adopting a White baby and the odd city wide demonstration (see Shannon's blog for pics) and missing my beloved pork, it's been a slow week for me here in Mwanza.

Shannon and I have just over a week left in Mwanza and we're wrapping up what needs to be done here and preparing for our trip (14-16 hour bus ride) and stay in Arusha.

Make sure to check out her blog for weekly updates on the ins and outs of the project.  See her link as well as the one for on my blog.  Jump on the Box!


  1. Ah... so you chose bus over flight? Is it on a bus or a dalla dalla?

  2. Ya it's on a coach bus (no toilet though). The biggest push outside of the price (225,000 vs 35,000 for the bus) was the fact that I can bring all my stuff with me to Arusha. Flight you're only allowed one piece of luggage at max 20kg.

    Things may change last minute, but right now it's the bus ride to Arusha.

  3. lol a 14 - 16 hour dalla dalla ride.