Monday, March 14, 2011

Goats, Cars, Children, and Fanta

Here are a few candid pictures of my life here in Arusha.  I'm no GQ model and I do a lot of random things out here. 

Me and my new pet baby goat.  I like goats.

Life inside a former volcano

Where's Christopher?  Taxi driver got stuck in the rocks that make up the road right infront of Sakina Camp.  From pushing cars out of snow, to pushing cars out of rocks.

Hey World Vision!  Do you see flies on any of these poor destitute African children's faces?  Make note of the kids wearing hoodies and jackets.

Once you get past my mug shot and rogue lock, you'll realize that Mountain Dew has gone by the wayside in Arusha.  It's now all about Fanta Passion


  1. I think you should get a pet baby turkey :-D. The goat is real cute

    Joanna says "Do you want roti to go with your goat?" :-D :-D

  2. awesome pics! the baby goats sooo cute, i had a pet monkey when i was back home! loooooool!!!!!!

    p.s. fanta beats md anyyyydayyyyyy:D

  3. You petting the goat like it's Rhodee. LOL

    And do you sleep with the boots on?

  4. Man, I won't even lie when I say that the first thing I thought when I saw the goat was "I wonder what it tastes like".

    Goats out here are real cool though. Just do their thing and don't mind nobody else's business. If I moved here I would get a goat or two (no chickens or turkeys).

    Nope, I don't sleep with the boots on, but I wear them with pride and a sense of victory.

  5. ewe, a goat.

    where was that pic taken with those kids?

    i too noticed that you seem to wear those boots everywhere these days.

  6. There's a school that Shannon and I go to called "Home of Hope" here in Arusha. Only has two rooms and two teachers, but the kids are pretty cool.

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