Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kilimanjaro Climb - Day 3

Today started off with no rain until we had lunch, but then the rain started to pour.

On the way up we passed a rock grave of a tourist that died four years ago of altitude sickness, which really hit home how real this climb actually is.

By blind luck I'm going up the hill with Felix and Sasha who both brought extra tablets of Diamox that's supposed to help the effects of altitude sickness.  I've been taking a pill every morning with breakfast and one every night with dinner.

But I won't lie, I'm starting to feel the effects (we went to 4640m today).  I have a headache right now, which isn't too too bad, but I have a headache.  My appetite is still good and I don't feel short of breath.  It's just the headache that I'm concerned about.  That and my right hamstring, which is killing me.  Geezeon.  Between the cold and the uphill climb, it is so sore.  I don't want to pull it or strain it any worse than it is right now.

I'm really nervous about the morning climb and then the push to the summit in the middle of the night, but I'm ready.  Perseverance and By Any Means Necessary I'm making it to the top.

That's Mt. Meru in the background

Above the clouds and above Mt. Meru

At the breakfast table with Felix.  Nice views to start your morning off, eh?

Sun was shining, but it was a cold morning

Still quasi-fresh

The Diamox Crew

Two completely different landscapes in the same photo


  1. Picture 4 says "I'm the king of the world!"

  2. Felix and Sasha had other shoes right? :)

  3. Kendra - so true haha.
    These pics are unreal. Keep 'em coming.

  4. Yaya, lol, they did have other shoes (boots). Come to think of it, it was smart of them to have those slippers specially cause I was wearing wet/damp/cold boots all the time.