Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kilimanjaro Climb - Day 4

Today was probably the most fun, but most dangerous day of our climb. We scaled a rock face that our guide Eric said that he's had many clients break their legs. I can understand why because it is very rocky, vertical, slippery and for us, icy. Even though it wasn't raining, the rain from the night before had most of the rocks frozen over.
I had fun doing the climb. It was challenging, but enjoyable. The thought that if you slip you could actually die was a big adrenaline rush for me, but I really liked it. Really liked it a lot.

Passed another rock grave. This time of a porter that died of hypothermia. I was thinking that Kilimanjaro Park should have a memorial with all the lists of porters and tourists that have died for whatever reason at their front gate for all to see. That would be nice.

That freaky looking Jurassic Park tree/plant is called a Senecio Kilimanjari


Believe it or not, we climbed both the rock face that day and then the snow covered peak the following night

So cold that my tent froze

Almost as if you're on a different planet

Climbed that

Taking a break in the sun

Man, I love those boots

Above the sky


  1. My eyes are bugging out at the rock face that you climbed with no ropes, no safety gear. Beautiful, but terrifying. Glad I didn't know what you were doing until afterwards!

  2. Come to think of it, it wasn't really all that safe, lol.

  3. and i thought all i had to worry about was falling rocks.....

  4. Hey Christopher, I am so glad I found your blog! I leave next Friday for Kenya, to do some humanitarian/consulting work, then on to Arusha on Aug 5. We start our climb, same as yours, on the 6th. This is really helping me to understand what we are up against. This is a big fundraiser for us. My question: did you bring a 35mm or a point-and-shoot camera? The pics are fabulous! I want to bring my big camera but am worried about the rain, and also the weight. We are so limited in what we can bring. What do you think?

  5. Hey Laurie,

    Those pics you see on my blog I just used a point and shoot. The biggest issue that you'll find outside of space and weight, is the rain and cold can destroy your camera (it happened to a guy I climbed with). Whatever you do take, I'd say to keep it in a ziploc bag, plastic bag, and insulated because it will freeze up by time you get to the top. Anything that's watertight and insulated will go a long way. Also keep it in your day pack and not with the porters.

    Pics with an slr or 35mm would be amazing, so if you can swing it, I'd say take it.

    Feel free to ask any questions.