Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bagamoyo - Crocodile Farm

On our way to the historical sites of Bagamoyo, my friend and Dar es Salaam tour guide, Ezekiel, made a pitstop at a crocodile farm.

At first I thought it was a tourist attraction, then after of some explanation I was told that they farm the crocodiles for meat in Asia and clothing in Europe.  I don't think PETA would be too happy with what's going on in Bagamoyo.  Me on the other hand thought it was a cool experience to get up close and personal with crocodiles.  Add that to my list of firsts while in Tanzania.

Before I knew where we were going and about to see

The place was far from the main road

Baby crocodiles

Me holding a baby crocodile

Considering I still have all my fingers and can type this blog post, I didn't get a chance to be Steve Irwin for the day

Where they lay their eggs

I'll save the details, but this is where a live crocodile becomes a pair of shoes

Bagamoyo - Crocodile Farm


  1. I've moved on from my pet goat to my pet crocodile. Then in a few weeks, back to my real pet puppy.

  2. The look on your face when you're holding the crocodile... LOL Looks like you might bite its head off.