Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bagamoyo - Slave Fort - Part 2

Rooms where slaves were held before being shipped

Slave quarters

View of the fort

The Indian Ocean

Old German Port and Traditional Dhow Boats



  1. Where were they sent? (I don't know much about the Indian Ocean Slave Trade)

    And was it only the Germans who ran those forts?

  2. I barely know anything about the Indian Ocean Slave Trade, but from Bagamoyo they were sent to Zanzibar. First they were enslaved in the interior of Africa, sent to Bagamoyo, shipped to Zanzibar, and then from there they were slaves in the Arab world. Pretty much what we now know as the Middle East.

    Nope, not always the Germans. In 1870, it was the Sultan of Zanzibar who first used it as a slave fort. A war was fought between the Germans and Arabs in the late 1880s after Germany was given control of Tanganyika (Tanzania came to be in the 1960s when Tanganyika and Zanzibar joined as one country) following the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885. After Germany lost WWI, Britain took control of Tanganyika.

    So as a slave fort, it was only used by the Sultan of Zanzibar. Germans used it as a military base and the British used it as a prison.

  3. The arches of the windows in the first picture are pretty typical of Arabic architecture. You see that style all over the Middle East, and in the south of Spain where Arabs occupied for some time.