Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zanzibar - Mnemba Atoll

I still think Barbados has the best beaches in the world (yes I'm biased), but man, Zanzibar especially off the coast of Mnemba Atoll island, comes a very close second.

On the way to our snorkeling spot

That is not a pool I'm diving into

Swimming in the Indian Ocean is tiring

Tandem dive off the top of our dhow.  I'll admit I was a little nervous because I never dived from so high up (yet another first on my trip)

Mnemba Atoll Island.  Kinda looks like a postcard, eh?

Me wondering what I would be doing at home in Canada right now

Enough said

Should be a photo for tourism Zanzibar


You wish you were here

The one thing you can't tell from these pictures is that the sun is hot.  And when I say hot, it was so hot that the bottom of my feet got a sunburn.

Until next time, Zanzibar.

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