Friday, June 3, 2011

Things You Can Walk On A Leash

This evening in London, I saw a guy and a girl walking down the street.  The lady was walking a small brown weiner/wiener dog, and I figured the guy was battling with a puppy having trouble on a leash.  Anyone who has ever owned or just walked a puppy, realizes that you have to teach a dog how to do it properly.

So I sat looking from my apartment window trying to see what kind of puppy it was.  I thought it strange - and a little cool - that it was a white weiner dog.  Then I realized that the weiner dog was walking a little strange.  Its movements were a little "un-dog" like.  Then I realized that this young guy, wearing $150 Nike Airmax running shoes, had a ferret on a leash.  Yes, a ferret.  A giant rat on a leash.

The one I saw wasn't wearing a pink jumper, but it looked exactly like the above photo.

So this has prompted me to make a list of things/animals approved by Christopher Stuart Taylor that can be walked on a leash:





If you have the slightest inclination to put your cat, bunny, lizard, goldfish, spouse, or anything living or otherwise on a leash and walk them in public, think twice.


  1. Parrots fly, dude.

  2. LOL... spouse... I've seen that (dog collar and belt). P.S. discovery channel came out many years ago showing pet ferrets.. maybe the house doesn't provide them with enough exercise?

  3. Rats have plenty of space in a house, apartment, cage or box, lol.

  4. Comment in response to this post from my FB wall:

    Disagree about the goldfish. I think anyone who can work out how to get a leash on a goldfish should be able to walk it anywhere they like. Of course, it would be more of a "drag" than a "walk", but it's the principle here.

  5. There's always a solution to this problem with walking fish. Post to come.

  6. So what about people that walk their overweight cats in a baby stroller? Is that Christopher approved? Lol

    I feel thats worse than a leash. At least with the leash they get some kinda exercise. But a stroller...

  7. LOL... overweight cats in a baby stroller

  8. Only living thing that should be in a stroller, are babies under the age of 4. From the age of 5-15, keep your kid on a leash.

  9. Kipps Lane is leash central. I saw a child on a leash standing at the bus stop today. I couldn't make it up if I tried. At least she wasn't holding the ferret on the leash.

  10. If anyone has cool leash walking stories and/or pics, please share them. Might even get your own blog post.