Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Obama: Worst President in US History?

First off, I disagree with that statement.  If you just want to look back from the second half of the 20th century, Nixon and Bush I & II rank pretty high up on the list.

But for anyone that's been following the Obama Administration for the past few years and the "shit-hit-the-fan debt ceiling crisis" you would think that Obama got the short end of the stick when it comes to US Presidential history.

It's like you're the poor janitor that just got hired and has to make sure the bathroom is spick and span after a salmonella outbreak at a Pizza Day at an elementary school.  It's not your fault the kids got sick and could only make it to the bathroom but not the toilet, and now you've got to clean stomach blendered pepperonis, cheerios, milk, and pasta sauce off the ground.  To make matters worse, you've only got one evening to clean up a week's worth of work before a probation performance review from the principal.  If Pizza Day were next week, and the school didn't buy pizzas off the back of a truck, and you didn't promise in your interview that the school would never be dirty under your watch or they could fire you, you'd be home free.  Only if.

So here we've got Obama on the possible brink of another Recession.  (First off, how are we in another recession when we still haven't come out of the last?)  He's come in from the bullpen down 15 runs and on the hook for the loss.  He's that first round draft pick that gets caught picking his nose by the camera and then has to come in off the bench for the Raptors in garbage time down 45 points.  Not his fault his team - the Bush economy, Wall Street, the Republican Party, - sucks, but he's going to be on the court at the final buzzer.

Obama's being tea bagged by the Tea Party and sodomized by the Senate while the lemon car of an economy he bought without a CarProof History Report is slowly dying in the driveway.

Ya, no one told Obama to run for President, or even take the job for that matter.  And most would say that he knew what he was getting into.  But how will history see him?

Will he be remembered as the first Black President of the United States of America?  The one that beat all odds (I personally never thought I'd see an African-American President in my lifetime) and literally changed the face of history?  The one that hunted down and killed history's most infamous terrorist?  Or will he be remembered as the Black man that guided US economic supremacy as a superpower straight into the hands of Beijing?

History is a funny thing in that it isn't necessarily always the truth.  History - and the truth - is subjective.  Some may see Baby Bush as a War Hero, others may see him as an alcoholic terrorist with shits and giggles for brains.  Some may see China as the next superduper power, others may see it as the world's greatest human rights disaster.

History is written by the victor, and if Obama loses this battle in his own backyard, the "Black" in "First Black President" may be the only thing that's remembered.

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  1. Great post.
    Loved the CarProof analogy, and all of the analogies period.