Monday, August 1, 2011

Rihanna at Kadooment Pics

I'm no big Rihanna fan.  I like her music, but don't really care for her as an artiste (I also don't care for people like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber - studio created packages with no real talent).  

But today at Kadooment I got to see Rihanna live and in colour.  She was in the same band I jumped in (Baje International).  She's here at home in Barbados for her Loud Tour concert on Friday which is the biggest thing since sliced bread to go down here.  There's no Canadian equivalent to compare it to the hype and talk that surrounds it.  Not even Canada winning hockey gold at the Olympics compares.

I've seen Rihanna in Barbados a few years ago at a party, but this was before Ri-Ri was sleeping in the last king bed in California as the only girl in the world and Chris Brown was still Christopher getting beat by his mother.

Enjoy the pics. 

 Don't even think that what she was wearing or doing was scandalous.  I saw plenty of babies being conceived on the streets of Barbados today.


  1. business as usual in Baje International! WORK!

  2. datz ma bajan gyal. riri to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think most Bajan appreciated that she has come home to party in our national Crop Over Festival and participate in Kadooment. On Kadooment day she was truly well bahaved as far as Kadooment behaviour goes...she did "pooch back" but we bajans been doing that since we born!!!! Pouch back and wine my girl!!!!!!! Rihanna to the wworld!!!!!!!!!

  4. And to be honest, I think Rihanna is getting unreasonable bashing from the international press for pics similar to this circulating around the internet. Gotta see things in context and be media literate.

  5. I see jealousy coming out of the international press. Do you know what it is as an international star and still be able to enjoy yourself jumping in a band among adoring fans. That is a blast for the haters. TEK DA.