Friday, September 23, 2011

Racism in the NHL

Most people reading this blog probably care more about Mountain Man Moses and the Rugby World Cup than they do about an NHL pre-season game here in London, Ontario.  But when a story like this makes headline news on CBC, it's a big deal.

Long story short, a banana was thrown at a Black player on the Philadelphia Flyers from the stands during the game last night.  For those familiar with Euro football, things like that have been all too routine.

Am I surprised that it happened here in London?  No.  I live here and know this city is full of asinine ignorant fools two IQ points short of being monkeys themselves.  And it's not the EOA and low class folks that I'm talking about.  I'm talking about the dudes in the suits with the respectable jobs and degrees that can afford to watch an NHL game.  I'm talking about that dude (gotta be a guy) that would bring a banana to a hockey game.  I don't know how many people chase a beer with a banana.

Right off the bat, London should never get another game.  Fullstop.  I'm not punishing a whole city for what one fool did, but what thousands of fools didn't.  You can't tell me that at least one person saw that guy throw something on the ice?  Security didn't see it?  Staff didn't see it?  Give me a break.  If no one is going to point the finger, I'll point it at everyone.

And if it was a Detroit fan?  I'd tell Ndamukong Suh to sit out his next game with the Detroit Lions.  We'll see how fast someone goes and starts pointing fingers.

And a Philadelphia fan?  Shoot.  Tell Vick he can't play this week and see how fast the whole of Philadelphia burns down London.

And why a banana?  Why can't racists be a tad bit more creative?  If you thought about buying a banana to throw at a Black guy, why couldn't you have thrown something that would really hurt us people to the core?

The next time a White Ass feels like being all big and bad, here's a list of a few things they should throw on the ice that'll really get their point across:

  • A bucket of fried chicken.  We love our chicken.
  • A child support case.  We hate supporting our many illegitimate children.
  • A half-burned copy of Roots.  Nothing like disrespecting Kunta Kinte.
  • A book.  It would take us a while to figure out exactly what it is.
  • A beat.  We'd drop our sticks and start freestyling on the spot.
  • A gold chain.  We get distracted by shiny things.
  • A football.  We'd remember that nobody cares about hockey anyways.


  1. I have heard a few people doubt that the banana-throw was racially motivated. All I could say was "really"?

    No surprise that they had no answer for what ELSE would motivate such stupidity. Open your eyes, London-folk.