Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rugby and Mountain Man Moses

I'm a sport fan.  Not only am I a sport man, but I'll watch any World Cup or international competition in any sport.  The competition that comes out when representing one's country takes the game to a completely different level.  Shoot, if there was a World Cup of walking children on a leash, I'd watch that too.  On second thought, I'd probably be training children out the womb to compete at the highest level.  I'd even lace their milk with performance enhancing drugs, feed them blended chicken hearts, and swap their baby formula for protein powder.

But there is one thing that goes above and beyond people - or babies - representing their respective countries.  Just one thing: it's when beings compete for their species.

Insert the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand and Canada's - oops, I mean, Harry from Harry and the Hendersons' brother - Adam Kleeberger:

 Resemblance? I think yes.

Yes, he carries a Canadian passport and lives in Canada.  But Harry lived in a house with a family too.  I'm all for supernatural beings swapping allegiances and doing their chosen country proud.  China has Yao "Long Tall Alien" Ming.  The US has LeBron "Neanderthal" James.  West Germany had an entire female track team of Amazon women.  So why can't Canada claim Adam "Triple M" Kleeberger?  (The triple M stands for "Mountain Man Moses".

And to boot, he actually helps a Canadian team - other than hockey that only the fraction of the World plays or even cares about - win.

It ain't tiger, but I'll take a page from Mr. Sheen and say Mountain Man blood is the key to winning.

Canada's next game is Sunday at 4am on TSN vs France.


  1. lol Harry and the Hendersons... what ever happen to that show? Guess we know what happened to Harry for real.