Thursday, February 9, 2012

Post-Multicultural Canada: The 2011 Census

There are two things I firmly believe are more important to make political/social change than voting in this country.  One is not paying taxes and the other is (filling out) the Census.

A few key points that have just come out of the 2011 Census:
  • Between 2006 and 2011, Canada had the fastest population growth of any other G8 country.  That's a rate of 5.9%
  • The Canadian birthrate is only 1.6 children per couple.  So it doesn't take a PhD to explain that immigration is what's keeping this country afloat.
  • 7 out of 10 Canadians live in CMAs (Census Metropolitan Areas).  I just like to call them cities.
  • That's a total of 23 million plus people out of the 33,476,688 total population that can call themselves urban dwellers
  • Oh, and we now live in a post-Multicultural society.  Why? Because outside of language spoken at home, with this short-form Census, we no longer keep tabs on Canada's racial/multicultural makeup.
As a Cowardly Historian, better known as a CH, I argue switching to the short-form version is the end of Canadian multiculturalism.  The Census is how governments, researchers, community and social programmes, know who exactly lives in this country and how we can - and should - manage our multicultural state (and spend what's left of tax payer dollars after fighter jets and ORNGE salaries).  How can you argue a country is multicultural if you don't even know who and how many different cultures/races/colours/hyphenated nationalities live in Canada?

So can you really argue you are a part of a marginalized and Visible Minority group, worthy of equitable and favourable "affirmative action", if you have to go back to 2006 for any concrete evidence?  I mean, I didn't personally know the 783,795 Black people that lived in Canada in 2006 who made up about 2.5% of the population, or the 30,435 Barbadians, so who am I to know if they all got on a boat last year and went back-to-Africa?  Or better yet, what if in 2009 about 5 million Nigerians sneaked through the unprotected Arctic and decided to settle in Nunavut?  Or the 10,066,290 Canadian-Canadians (I reckon they must be White folks), decided to say to hell with all these coloured folks, we're going to go colonize Antarctica or Pluto?

We will never know.


  1. I'm struggling to understand what Harper hoped to accomplish with this census simplification outside of excusing the government from accountability.

  2. Probably his master plan of creating a Canadian nationalism that has more to do with guns and bombs than ethnic diversity.

  3. asians will destory this country

  4. You know, I always worried about Canada accepting Asians that come to this country and contribute more than their fair share socioeconomically and culturally. I think we should expel all Asians (including Russians and Turkish people) and make the rest of the Coloured folks migrate north and protect the sovereignty of the Canadian arctic. Just following Canadian historical tradition, eh?

  5. What a racist cunt hole.