Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SNL and Linsanity

Here's my disclaimer before you watch this SNL clip on Mr. Lin:

This is something called "smart" humour.  SNL did a really good job at touching on what's happening in the racialized media.  Don't read the youtube comments and you'll probably have to watch the video a couple times to see the underlying message.


  1. Here's my take...

    In general, people are okay to make jokes at other people's expense as long as they themselves never become the butt of the jokes.

    In the skit... it was okay to make fun of asian people, but it was inappropriate to make fun of black people. They should have also included a white joke that was "inappropriate" for the whities to balk at.

    Racist jokes only work in a situation where if you're going to give it, you are also aware that you're going to have to take it right back. I cringe when I hear people making fun of my peeps... the accents, the tourist jokes, the whole shebang. But if I'm in a position where I'm dishing it, I gotta eat it too.

    I'm just waiting for yellow history month too!!

  2. No need to wait, Yellow people already have a month - Asian Heritage Month is in May. Officially declared by the Canadian Government in 2002 (and in the US since 1979).

    And since they've got Brown people in Asia too, I think we're pretty well covered for the crayola recognition months.

    Oh ya, Red people have their month - National Aboriginal History Month - in June.

    And that just leaves the other 9 months of the year for the White folk. Well considering most people only know about Black History Month in February, Whites have 11 months to celebrate their Whiteness.

    I'm waiting for my people - the Fuschias - to be recognized. Damn Black, Yellow, White, Brown, and Red, racists. Discriminating against us Fuschians.