Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are Men Afraid of Successful Women?

The article says Black men, but I think this applies to men in general.

"Here are some reasons why some men might choose to avoid some (not all) successful women":

1. If you (the woman) are emotionally selfish
2. If you think that your job, shape and beauty automatically make you a great catch
3. If you fail to see the value of elevating your man
4. If you work too damn much and never make your mate a priority
5. If you make him feel bad for not being a baller like you "


  1. I doubt that this is exclusive to successful women. The article could be titled "wake up call for women in relationships".

  2. have we thought of the real reasons why men might be afraid of successful women, reasons that lie within male insecurities/personalities/quirks?... An alternative to simply blaming the ladies? (though the points above are valid, like Kendra said, not sure this is exclusive to successful women).

  3. @ Ashley - good point. The article definitely doesn't tell the man to go get a job rather than whining because his woman makes more than him.

    I respect this man's plea for people to find a balance - he asks for women to be open to their man's vulnerability in a world where women are asserting themselves and making their own success.

    Similar to this:

  4. geez. moving talk. thank you for sharing.