Monday, March 19, 2012

I've Lost All Respect for the People of London (Ontario)

***Rant and foul language warning***

So I've lived in London for about four years now, and I've put up with some bullshit, but I've always managed to find the good in the city.  I've lived in the "ghetto" or East of Adelaide (EOA) and realized the stigma came from it being a lower socioeconomic area with a higher immigrant population; I've been pulled over by the police; I've seen street fights; there's been a shooting down the block from my apartment right across from a church; I've watched multiple potential date rapes; watched a driver hit a guy and give him 40 dollars and drive off; seen multiple arrests; had a cop tazer a Black kid for no reason; had another guy throw a banana at a Black NHL player; had yet another guy jump to his death from my old apartment complex; heard/seen plenty of domestic violence (both male and female); I've seen plenty of drunk and disorderly kids stumble up and down the street; and of course experienced the ubiquitous racism one would find anywhere West of Mississauga.

Through all of that, I still found London to be a nice city.  Great parks, restaurants, and wonderful bike/running trails.

But this whole "riot" was the last straw.  Line of the day: "fucking tear hurts my throat a little bit".

Video was removed, but there are plenty on YouTube.  Line of the night: "London, motherfucker!"

Some people are trying to find the root of all this "anger" and maybe these students were protesting something worthwhile.  Maybe a "WhiteySpring" or some shit.  No, these kids are just fucking idiots.  Every city has idiots, but I'd say per capita, with all the privilege that oozes out the pours of the Jersey Shore wannabes, London ranks right up there.  And for that matter, their parents are fucking idiots too.  You did a hell of a job raising Johnny and Julie, Mr. and Mrs. McTavish.

And I don't think it's fair to say it's just Fanshawe students.  Considering UWO has the highest STI infection rate of all Canadian universities, and was ranked in the top 5 by Playboy of top American party schools (UWO is in Canada, btw), London is a perfect storm of idiots. 

Ever wondered where your tax dollars are going?  Right into a puff of smoke.  You, the taxpayer, subsidizes the tuition of these lootards, and they go and use that saved money to burn shit up.

I'm not saying to not support post-secondary education, but I'm saying that instead of putting these foolberts in jail or fining them or giving them licks in the school auditorium, I say make them pay full tuition.  Ya that's right, not subsidized, but whatever it cost to finance their education without government support.  So if 1000 people were involved, say maybe 800 were students, 600 from Fanshawe and 200 brave UWO ugg wearing souls that decided to brave the scary EOA, I think Dalton McGuinty can go back to Drummond and find some extra cash for students that actually care about their education.

And to all those "rioters" out there, you know what happens after graduation?  Unemployment.  Shoulda put that beer money in a RRSP.


Watching CBC's The National tonight, and of all the White people - and faces - I saw on countless YouTube videos burning shit up and palancing through fire, they only had one interview and profile of a Black guy who was on his way home and was arrested and charged.  CBC showed him - with his mother - trying to get the charges dropped.  CBC, really?  REALLY?  The only face you actually show of the riot is of a Black kid?  Really.  When in doubt, blame Black folks for White stupidity. 


  1. If my blood wasn't already boiling:

    Public opinion is mixed and I'm now hearing more and more people crying foul at Fanshawe for suspending these kids and taking away their chances at a post-secondary education and a productive future. Saying that these kids will waste taxpayers money while they're processed in the correctional system.


    Your point about taxpayers subsidizing their education is bang on, and a perspective that might not be obvious to the average taxpayer.

  2. If you dont like london then leave, if its so bad and you think it is so gehtto LEAVE, people like you hold this stereotype and make london even worse. i have lived in NORTH london my hole life and i have seen most of these things, its not just east london, its any city to go to. I worked at a resource centre in north london and i worked with drug addicts and people who were abused and neglected. before you start stereotypeing one part of london look at it all and honestly this is kinda sad that this is how you look at london. maby if you try and make a diffrence in your community it will help but to just sit at your computer isnt helping anyone not even yourself.


  3. Phew, I'm glad you at least didn't tell me to leave and go back to my country.

    All jokes aside, Chris C, first and foremost, I actually respect your opinion and appreciate that you signed your name (and commented on my blog). You do make a good point, but if you really read my post, you'll realize that I'm not attacking an area of London, but students (many of whom aren't from the city) who believe they can commit wanton violence and destroy the city you love. Those are the people you should be telling to leave and stop perpetuating a stereotype.

    And by all means, I'm pretty easy to find in London outside of the computer world. My photo, location, and what I do in the community is right here on my blog.