Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mo Isom Update

Unfortunately, Mo didn't make the LSU football team.  I still have to say good on her for taking that chance and competing at the highest level on par with men.

From USA Today:

"She did not want to take that she couldn't make the team," LSU coach Les Miles said Tuesday night after practice. "She said, 'Do I get another opportunity if I get a lot better?' I said, 'Sure.'"

Isom tweeted that she will be back.

"Wonderful meeting with coach Miles," she said on her Twitter account Tuesday afternoon. "Received great constructive feedback. Will continue working my hardest with the team through spring and summer."

Isom, a 6-foot-1 goalkeeper who once scored on a 90-yard kick, tried out on Tuesday and Thursday of last week as did other walk-ons. She completed her eligibility on the LSU soccer team last fall.

"We reviewed her skill, the things she can do and do well," Miles said. "We kind of felt like there's four guys on the team right now that would be ahead of anybody that tried out the other day, including Mo. I told her that. She's going to go back and concentrate on extra points and field goals."

LSU returns talented veteran kickers Drew Alleman and James Hairston.

"She's a great person but there's some things she can't do and she knows it," Miles said.

It's not the kicking. It's the tackling, Miles said.

"When we go to kicking off into the corner, we count on our kicker making some tackles," he said. "And it's just not something I'm comfortable she's ready to do. It's one of those spots you really can't put a person that cannot tackle."

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